World Athletics Championships Oregon22

As the University of Oregon welcomes the world to campus, parking and transportation options will be impacted. On this page, Transportation Services is providing employees, students, departments, and permit holders information on dates and locations of those impacts, as well as alternatives to driving where available.

Transportation information for event attendees and others working for the event can be found on the WCH Oregon22 website

Key Dates | Permit Information | Maps | Zone Impacts | Transportation Options | FAQ

Key Dates and Locations of Impacts


  • May 1: Lots 38 & 39 in B-East taken over by WCH Oregon22
  • May 16: Summer Term Permits open for renewal


  • June 14: Lot 49 in R-West taken over by WCH Oregon22
  • June 15: Lot 59b in R-East taken over by WCH Oregon22
  • June 19: Spring Term Permit expires
  • June 20: Summer Term Permit Starts


  • July 1: Lots in A-Central, B-East, and R-East taken over by WCH Oregon22
  • July 11: Additional lots in A-Central, B-East, R-West and R-East taken over by WCH Oregon22
  • July 14: Peak Impact – Additional lots across campus, including 13th Ave Garage, Millrace Garage, and lots in B-West and B-South, taken over by WCH Oregon22 
  • July 26: Lots across campus begin returning to UO use
  • August 1: Most lots returned to UO use

Permit Information

Transportation Services is limiting term permit sales in affected zones to ensure that permit holders have a reasonable likelihood of finding a parking space during the event. Increased numbers of 30-day and single day permits will be made available up until the major impact dates for a zone. A waitlist for summer term permits in each zone will be maintained, and after the event pro-rated term permits will be made available to those on the waitlist. Example: a term permit for B-East purchased on July 28th will cost $92.

Dates for summer term permits are available on the renewal page.

Parking Maps By Date

Click or select one of the green tabs below to show the map for that time period.

Download all maps in a single pdf.

July 14 – July 25, Peak Impact (Select to see map)

July 26 (Select to see map)

July 27 (Select to see map)

July 28 – July 31 (Select to see map)

August 1 – August 20 (Select to see map)

Campus Delivery Route

WCH Oregon22 road closures impact how vendors make deliveries on campus. The map below shows how vendors can access the heart of campus. Entry onto campus will be at Franklin and 13th near Matthew Knight Arena.

Download the map as a pdf

Delivery Route Map

Summary of impacts by zone

event impacts by date for B-North

B-West parking impacts by date

Event impacts by date B-East

Transportation Options

Eugene is welcoming the world, and the world is coming to Eugene. There will be significant impacts to traffic in the month of July and during the event. Transportation Services is encouraging people to consider the following options avoid the traffic:


Lane Transit District will be adding extra service on some routes during the event and park and rides will be open. University Students and Employees have access to a free bus pass. The pass is delivered through the Umo app, which also includes a trip planner that will tell you which bus to take and when you need to be at the stop. If you think you might take advantage of this option, sign up for your pass now so that you are ready to go in July.


The days are long and the weather in July is perfect for bicycling. Bicycle parking is available across campus, and it has never been easier to bicycle around Eugene. Students and Employees have access to discounted rates for PeaceHealth Rides, Eugene's bike share system. Even if you can't bicycle all the way from home, consider parking near a bike share station and biking the rest of the way.


Get There is the State of Oregon's official ride matching platform. You can post a regular commute schedule or a one-time trip. If you sign up with your University of Oregon email, you will automatically be added to the UO group and can limit matches to other university members. As a reminder, you can now add multiple vehicles to your commuter zone permit as long as only one vehicle per day comes to campus.


University of Oregon employees have access to the fan shuttle at the Valley River Center park-and-ride. Transportation Services has arranged for additional park-and-ride and park-and-walk lots for large on-site employee dependent departments, including CPFM and Housing. Check with your supervisor or manager for more information on these options.


Not all employees have the ability to work from home, but those that do save campus parking spaces for other employees that have to come to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the cost of summer-term, 30-day, and daily permits during the event?

Permits this summer will cost the same amount as other terms. Permit rates are set as part of the university's tuition and fees process.

What permits will be available during the event?

Term permit sales will be limited in zones experiencing significant event impacts. Additional 30-day and daily permits will be made available for these zones for non-event days. 

How can I be sure to get a term permit after the event?

Join the waitlist! When a permit location is sold out, the option to join a waitlist will appear. Those on the waitlist will be prioritized for permits after the event.

I have a reserved space in one of the lots that will be impacted. How do I access my space?

For spaces outside the WCH Oregon22 secure perimeter, Transportation Services is working to provide accreditation for reserved space holders.

My department has a reserved space in an impacted lot. Will we be able to use the space during the event?

If your visitors can be provided accreditation in advance, they will be able to access the space. If this option does not work, Transportation Services may be able to temporarily relocate your space to a lot that is not impacted.

If I don't get a summer-term permit, will I still be able to get a permit in the zone I want this fall?

During the fall permit renewal period, permit holders who had a spring term permit will be eligible to purchase a fall term permit starting swap week.