Eugene's e-scooter pilot is ending December 29, 2023. Read the city's press release here. Transportation Services does not expect a new vendor to be in operation Winter Term.

Although the pilot is ending early due to the vendor (Superpedestrian) shutting down, it has been by most measures very successful. During the nine months of the trial, more than 220,000 trips were taken on e-scooters. While e-scooters did siphon some trips from the bike share program, overall trips by shared mobility in Eugene more than doubled. With a larger service area and more vehicles, the e-scooter program was able to serve more residents and destinations than bike share alone. 

The pilot partners - Eugene, the University of Oregon, and Cascadia Mobility - learned valuable lessons about operating electric shared mobility on campus and in Eugene. E-scooters saw more activity than bike share but also require significantly more operational investment in charging, maintenance, and rebalancing. User and community feedback around rider behavior and parking issues will help improve rider education and parking requirements in future programs. Transportation Services will work with the city of Eugene on any future program to ensure the campus community has access to safe and convenient transportation options.

Shared E-Scooters on Campus

Starting March 31, 2023 the City of Eugene is launching a one-year shared e-scooter pilot program. The e-scooters will be provided by Superpedestrian and operated by local non-profit Cascadia Mobility. The university has agreements with the city and with Superpedestrian to participate in the pilot program. 

What you need to know:

  • Do ride on designated bicycle routes.
  • Do park only in designated parking areas.
  • Do wear a helmet.
  • Do not ride on the sidewalk.

Pilot Feedback or Safety Concerns:

Designated Parking Area at Kalapuya Ilihi

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to wear a helmet while on an e-scooter?

Yes. Oregon Law requires helmets for all e-scooter riders, regardless of age.

Where are e-scooters allowed on campus?

As with other personal mobility devices, e-scooters are allowed on designated bicycle routes. Within the 'parking limited' boundary shown on the map above, e-scooters must be parked in a designated parking area.

What is the university doing to ensure safety on campus?

The Eugene E-Scooter pilot has a number of built in safety features, including:

  • An in-app safety orientation for all new users covering operating rules in Eugene.
  • A lower speed limit for all riders on their first ride. 
  • Slow-ride and No-Ride zones that automatically slow or stop the scooter in congested or sensitive areas.

On campus, users will be required to end their ride in a designated parking area and take a picture of the parked scooter. 

Who do I contact if there is a problem?

E-scooters provided by Superpedestrian automatically detect most mechanical issues, including e-scooters that are tipped over. If you see an e-scooter that is parked outside of a designated area or has a mechanical issue, use the Superpedestrian support email or phone number. Issues reported in this way will route directly into the local operator's work-ticket system. | 844-701-8163