Zonal Permits in University Garages

Permit holders with Academic Term and 30 Day zonal permits can park in one or both University of Oregon Parking Garages. Both Garages have vehicle height limitations and will not accommodate large vehicle parking. The 13th Ave Garage has a height limitation of 8'2". The Millrace Garage has a height limitation of 7'0". Drivers of large vehicles should plan to park in surface parking lots.

13th Ave Garage

  • Zone 13th Ave Garage

Millrace Garage

  • A zone permits
  • B zone permits
  • C zone permits
  • 13th Ave Garage permits

  1. Register all vehicle license plates that will use the garage and make sure they are linked to your permit in the parking portal. 
  2. Ensure your mobile phone number is linked to the permit.
  3. Download the ParkWhiz app and:
    1. Open the app and select the 'more' icon on the bottom right.
    2. Select 'Activate Monthly Parking'.
    3. Select 'Get Monthly Parking'.
    4. ParkWhiz will open your messaging app and pre-load a code. Select the 'send' button to send this code to ParkWhiz.

1. More

2. Activate

3. Get

4. Send Code

There are multiple ways to enter the garage

  1. The garage uses a camera to verify your license plate and automatically raises the gate arm when you pull up to the entrance.
  2. Tap your UO ID card on the kiosk RFID reader.
  3. Use the ParkWhiz App to enter the garage by:
    1. Scanning the QR code shown on the app screen at the kiosk, or
    2. Pressing the Open Gate button on the app to open the gate via Bluetooth.
  4. Press the 'Help' button on the kiosk to work with a live customer service agent who can verify your parking account and raise the gate arms.

The License Plate Recognition (LPR) system successfully reads 90% of license plates. Some plates are harder to read, such as those with hard to interpret sequences (i.e. 000OO23), ones with highly graphic backgrounds (e.g. Smokey Bear plates), faded or dirty plates, or plates with a cover that cause distortion.