Motor Pool Transition Project

Transportation Services is leading a project to assess needs and explore options for providing vehicle rental services at the UO.

The current motor pool arrangement is changing as the contract with the service provider will end on June 30, 2024. An alternative service arrangement will be in place by July 1, 2024 so there is minimal disruption in vehicle access to the UO community.


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  1. Identify priorities for vehicle rental services at the UO.
  2. Assess utilization history and ongoing needs to determine services for the future.
  3. Recommend a solution that best meets the needs of the UO community while exercising fiscal and administrative responsibility.


The evaluation and recommendation process will be completed by:

  1. Initiating a procurement process to identify third-party service providers as well as investigating a self-administered option.
  2. Charging a task force to evaluate data, stakeholder and UO community feedback, and service options in order to recommend viable solutions for the future.
  3. Gathering and assessing feedback from UO community members, frequent users, and other key stakeholders.



  • Initiate proposal process with Purchasing and Contracting Services. 
  • Convene task force and begin regular meetings.  
  • Launch survey to obtain as much feedback as possible from the UO community. 


  • Close proposal process. 
  • Close survey. 


  • Survey responses compiled and analyzed. 
  • Task force evaluates feedback, assesses and prioritizes needs, and reviews proposals. 


  • Task force determines best course of action to meet top priorities and continue services with consideration for fiscal responsibility.  
  • Task force presents findings and delivers a recommendation to the Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration. 


  • Final decision made by VPFA in collaboration with Transportation Services based on the findings and recommendation of the task force. 
  • Begin implementation planning. 
  • Initiate a transition plan to maintain service when the contract with OSU ends on June 30, 2024. 


  • The current system for providing vehicles to UO community members originated when the UO was part of the Oregon University System utilizing the State's Motor Pool system.
  • When the State of Oregon discontinued this service to Oregon’s public universities in 2009, Oregon State University assumed oversight and management of vehicle rental services at the UO.
  • It is no longer feasible for OSU to administer vehicle services for other universities, which led to the UO initiating an exploratory process to identify viable options and implement a new plan to continue this important service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns and operates the existing university motor pool in Glenwood and who is being affected by upcoming changes?

Oregon State University (OSU) has been the owner and operator of the university motor pool in Glenwood, including its vehicles, since 2009. The University of Oregon (UO) owns and leases the Glenwood property to OSU for motor pool operations. Any UO department, employee, or student who rents motor pool vehicles will be affected.
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What existing services does the Glenwood motor pool offer and what is changing?

The university motor pool in Glenwood currently offers rental vans, trucks, and sedans to individuals authorized to travel on official university or other government business. The motor pool offers both short and long duration rentals. OSU also provides motor pool services to other public agencies through the Glenwood site, such as Lane Community College and local State of Oregon offices. Those services will also be affected by upcoming changes.
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When will changes occur?

The current agreement between UO and OSU expires on June 30, 2024. However, both parties are working to finalize a sixth month contract amendment to provide UO the additional option of continuing to rent OSU motor pool vehicles through December 31st, 2024.
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Where will changes occur?

The existing university motor pool serving UO is located in Glenwood, just east of the I-5 bridge and campus.
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Why is the existing OSU Glenwood motor pool leaving?

OSU is choosing to sunset its operations in Glenwood and focus its resources back in Corvallis, where its main operations are located.
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How will UO offer vehicle rentals in lieu of the OSU motor pool and how can I provide input and learn more information?

University of Oregon administration is working with Transportation Services and other campus partners to consider all possible options to provide vehicle rental services for employee and student use. Options under consideration include: 1) outsourcing vehicle rental services to a third-party vehicle rental company, 2) vehicle purchase and management within UO, and 3) a hybrid combination of these two options. Campus Services leadership is convening a multi-disciplinary task force to provide input and ideas as different options are explored, with a goal to recommend a motor pool model that meets campus needs with minimal disruption. Campus stakeholder feedback is welcome during this time. A survey is available now to provide feedback and suggestions about needs and priorities for motor pool services, and will be open through March 22. Additionally, you may email and request that your name be added to an interested-party list for recurring project updates.
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Stakeholder Survey

Your input is crucial in helping us prioritize future vehicle rental services. We want to ensure that any changes made are informed by the needs and preferences of our stakeholders. Use the link below to take a survey designed to help us better understand your needs and values as a motor pool user. Your participation in this survey will provide valuable insight as we plan for the next iteration of vehicle rental services.

Take The Stakeholder Survey