Parking Changes for Fall 2021

Transportation Services will be transitioning to a Zonal Parking model starting August 29. For information regarding parking after August 29, visit our Zonal Parking Page.


Almost all parking at the University of Oregon requires some type of payment or permit. There are two main types of parking on campus: Hourly parking and Permit parking. The majority of parking on campus is managed through license plate recognition, so you will need to know your vehicle's license plate before getting a permit or paying for hourly parking. Please make sure that your license plate information is correct and follow all parking rules and posted signs to avoid a parking ticket. No parking is allowed on campus between the hours of 12am - 5am, except with an appropriate overnight permit.

Parking information for ADA or other mobility challenges can be found on the Accessibility page.

Transportation Services has a range of options to accommodate individuals hosting events on campus, with detailed information available on the Special Event Parking page. Service vehicles, commercial vehicles, contractors, and construction workers should choose one of the options on the Service Vehicle/Contractor page.


Hourly Parking

Garage Parking

The University of Oregon has two garages that allow hourly parking, the 13th Ave Garage and the Millrace Drive Garage. Located beneath the Ford Alumni Center, the 13th Ave garage is accessed from 13th Ave and is the easiest place for visitors to find parking close to the center of campus. The Millrace Drive garage is located next to the Knight Campus and is a six minute walk from campus.

Garage Rate: $2.00/hr. Daily Maximum $18.00.
Only credit card payments are accepted at garage exits, but both garages have centrally located kiosks which accept cash and credit card payments.
There is no overnight parking in the garages 12am - 5am.

Hourly Pay-To-Park Areas

The university has hourly pay-to-park areas located around campus at a rate of $2.00 per hour. Payment can be made at conveniently located kiosks which accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, U.S. bills, and quarters. Payment can also be made with a mobile device through the Parkmobile website using Zone 7447.

Parkmobile App

Visitors as well faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to pay for hourly parking by downloading and using the Parkmobile app if they regularly park on campus. The app will remember your vehicle and payment information for fast and easy parking. It also supports automatic reminders when a parking session will expire, as well as the option to extend a parking session without returning to the vehicle. Use Zone 7447 for all campus Pay to Park areas. If you don't want to download the app, you can purchase parking right from the Parkmobile website.

Cash and Card

We have four paystations located conveniently around campus. You can pay with a credit card or cash. Remember your license plate before leaving your vehicle!

Click on the map image to download a pdf of our visitor parking map which includes pay to park areas and paystation locations.

Visitor Parking Map

Permit Parking

All persons - including all faculty, staff, visitors, and commercial and construction representatives – who park in University-owned parking lots, other than metered spaces, during the period of 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday (unless otherwise posted), must obtain a parking permit.

Most permit lots are divided between Faculty/Staff and Students, however many lots also allow visitors, commercial vehicles, and construction representatives. Most permit types are offered on an annual, academic, or 30-day basis. Some permit types also have a daily option. All permits are purchased through the online parking portal.

Visitor Permits

Visitors can buy one-day permits through the parking portal that are valid in any non-reserved Faculty/Staff space. Visitor Overnight permits for specific lots are valid for 24 hours. Larger events or those who need a permit for a longer duration should email for more information.

Commuter Permits

Faculty/Staff and Students have access to flexible permit options based on their university affiliation in Banner. These permits are available for the calendar or academic year, on a term basis, or on a daily basis. For extra flexibility there's a rolling 30 day permit that can start any time during the month. 

Residential Overnight Permits

Residents of UO student housing have access to overnight parking options that vary based on residence hall or apartment location. The Transportation Services parking portal is tied to UO Housing's system, so you will only be shown parking options available to your residence.

Carpool Permits

Carpool permits are availabile for groups of two or more people who travel to campus together in the same vehicle. The cost of the permit is split equally between participants.

Other Parking and Specialty Permit Types

Retired & Emeritus Permits

For retired employees and emeritus faculty who are not receiving compensation but are providing an ongoing contribution or connection to the university, a commuter permit may be available at no cost. More information is available on the Retired/Emeritus permit page.

Reserved Parking

There are times when an individual or a department may need a guaranteed parking space on campus. A limited number of paid, reserved spaces are available to departments, faculty, and staff on a first come, first served basis in support of business related functions. More information is available on the Reserved parking page.

Affiliate Permits

Commuter permits are sold based on affiliation with the university: faculty, staff, or student. However, some individuals who work on campus but are not faculty, staff, or student may still have a need for a commuter parking permit. These individuals can request an Affiliate permit.

Motorcycle Permits

Motorcycles and mopeds may only park in designated locations around campus. Commuter permit holders may use their permit with a motorcycle in designated parking at no additional charge. For those who only drive a motorcycle or moped, reduced-cost Motorcycle permits are available.