Parking tickets issued must be paid by check or online within 30 days of the citation date to avoid late fees.  Online payments are recorded immediately.  Check payments are recorded the day they are received in the mail.

If you feel you have received a citation in error, within 10 days of issuance, you may file an appeal online.  Transportation Services regulates parking according to well-defined, specific regulations but understands that under some circumstances you may have sound reasons for appealing a citation.  Failure to pay or appeal a citation by its established deadline will result in additional penalties.  Appealed citations are placed on “hold” during the review and decision process.  Once a decision is made, communication will be sent via email.  If the decision is to uphold or reduce the citation, you then have 30 days to pay the outstanding amount.  Again, failure to pay the citation will result in additional penalties.

Citation recipients may receive up to three notices if an amount remains outstanding.  After that, unpaid amounts for those recipients associated with the University will be encumbered to their university accounts.  For recipients not associated with the University, accounts will be submitted to a 3rd party vendor for collection.  If submitted for collection, all fees, including those from an attorney, will be assessed to the citation.

If you have received a notice of a citation for a vehicle that you no longer own, please contact