Parking Policy and Regulations

Parking Policy

All vehicular parking provided by the University of Oregon is available on a fee basis and at rates published annually after approval through the University’s process for Special Fees, Fines, Penalties, and Service Charges.  Eligibility for parking permits, information specific to permit rates and refunds, regulations on use of University parking areas, enforcement, violations, and the citation appeal process, as well as bicycle registration and parking, are published in the University’s Parking Regulations. The Department of Parking and Transportation shall maintain and publish said parking regulations.

All members of the University community and all visitors to the campus are responsible for observing the University’s Parking Regulations and for all University parking violations involving the vehicles and bicycles they drive, own, or register, regardless of who is operating the vehicle. These regulations shall be accessible to any person who is operating a vehicle or bicycle on the University of Oregon campus.

Any faculty, staff, student, or visitor may present in writing recommendations for changes to the campus parking regulations.  Recommendations will be considered annually by the director of the Department of Parking and Transportation in consultation with other appropriate University officials and groups. Revised parking regulations will be published according to the schedule outlined on the Department of Parking and Transportation website.

The University shall maintain a Parking Citation Appeals Board for the purpose of reviewing the decisions of the Department of Parking and Transportation for the purpose of determining if a decision was unreasonable or arbitrary or was not supported by substantial evidence. The Citation Appeals Board is composed of representatives from the faculty, staff and student body.

Technical revisions enacted by the University Secretary on September 3, 2015. University of Oregon Policy by operation of law on July 1, 2014. Former Oregon Administrative Rule Chapter 571 Division 10, Sections 0005 through 0065.

Parking Regulations

Regulations updated 1/4/19

I. General Information

  • All persons - including all faculty, staff, visitors, and commercial and construction representatives – who park in University-owned parking lots, other than metered spaces, during the period of 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday (unless otherwise posted), must obtain and display a permanent or temporary parking permit. Vehicles that park in these lots without permits will be cited. ADA spaces, fire lanes, yellow zones and reserved spaces are enforced at all times.
  • Transportation Services implements and enforces the University of Oregon's parking policies and rules. This information is published and made available in order to acquaint those who bring motorized vehicles onto the campus with the applicable policies and rules. All drivers who bring their vehicles onto campus are responsible for knowing and understanding the rules and regulations that apply to vehicle use here.
  • All motor vehicle operators who bring a vehicle onto the campus are responsible for obeying state law and the University's traffic and parking regulations.
  • University parking permit owners are responsible for the proper operation and parking of the vehicles they register, regardless of who operates the registered vehicle.

II. Parking Definitions

  • Faculty/Staff and Student Permits
    • Vehicles with student parking permits may be parked only in parking spaces and lots designated for use by students.
    • Vehicles with faculty/staff parking permits may be parked in parking spaces and lots designated for use by faculty/staff or students.
    • Vehicles with faculty/staff or student permits may not park in a designated visitor's parking lot or space.
  • Metered Parking
    • Campus meters are enforced during the hours posted on the meters, except for state holidays when class is not in session.
    • Metered spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Vehicles with ADA placards or government “E” plates may park free of charge at a meter for the duration of that meter. For example, a vehicle may only park five hours at a five-hour meter.
    • Non-functioning meters are considered “No Parking” zones. Please report broken meters to Transportation Services for repair.
    • At meters with a decal reading “UO PERMIT DECAL OR PAY METER,” vehicles with UO faculty/staff or student permits may park at the meter free of charge.
    • Vehicles parked in violation of these regulations shall be cited. Additional parking citations may be issued for continued overtime parking in a metered space.
  • Oregon State University Permits
    • Oregon State University offers reciprocal parking privileges to University of Oregon Faculty/Staff and Student permit holders who park on its campus. Similarly, vehicles with Oregon State University permits may use University of Oregon lots on an occasional basis as appropriate.
    • This reciprocal arrangement does not extend to other types of parking permits.
  • Parked Vehicle
    • A parked vehicle is any stopped and unattended vehicle or any vehicle attended by a driver who refuses to move the vehicle after a request from an authorized University official.
    • No animal shall be left unattended in any motor vehicle parked on University property.
  • Permit Parking
    • All vehicles parked in University-owned and controlled parking lots in unmetered spaces, between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (unless otherwise posted) must display a permanent or temporary parking permit.
    • A parking permit only allows authorized parking in the lots or spaces specified for use by vehicles with that type of permit.
  • Proper Parking
    • All vehicles parked on campus must be parked in a designated space, unless specifically authorized by Transportation Services.
    • Vehicles must fit inside a designated space, and may not cross or park on the painted lines. Drivers of vehicles that do not fit within University spaces will need to make arrangements for off-campus parking.
    • Vehicles parked along streets must be parked in the direction of the flow of traffic.
    • No parking is permitted at any time in yellow zones, in fire lanes, in driveways, in landscaped area, in crosswalks or on sidewalks.
    • Vehicles may not double park or block other vehicles. 
    • The lack of a parking space is no excuse for violating any University parking regulations.
    • University spaces are primarily compact. Drivers of compact vehicles are encouraged to park in compact spaces to leave larger spaces open for non-compact vehicles.
  • Service Vehicle, Contractor, and Loading Zones
    • Spaces marked as reserved for service vehicles may be used only by university-owned service vehicles or vehicles with university service vehicle permits, for a maximum of four hours, and are enforced at all times.
    • Contractor vehicles are permitted only in designated parking lots, and require contractor parking permits.
    • Loading docks and zones may be used only by vehicles actively loading and unloading heavy or bulky items, for a maximum of thirty minutes or as posted, and are enforced at all times.
  • Overnight Parking
    • Any vehicle parked between the hours of 12 am and 5 am for any length of time is parked overnight.
    • Overnight parking is only allowed with specific permits in designated lots. 

III. Parking Permits: Applicability, Duration, Eligibility, and Issuance

  • Faculty/Staff Parking Permits
    • Available to:
      • All faculty and staff on University payroll.
      • Graduate Employees who have department head approval.
      • Permit requirements:
        • Faculty and staff members must present a valid UO identification card if the permit is purchased in person and not through the person’s department.
    • Payroll Deduction:
      • Available as a faculty/staff payment option.
      • Payments are deducted from employee paychecks over the academic year.
      • Deductions are deducted from gross pay before state and federal taxes are calculated.
  • Student Parking Permits
    • Available to students registered for courses at the University of Oregon.
    • Students must present a valid UO identification card at time of purchase.
  • Motorcycle, Motor Scooter, and Moped Parking Permits
    • Available to: university faculty, staff and students who wish to park only in motorcycle parking spaces.
    • A UO identification card is required at the time of purchase.
  • Carpool Parking Permits
    • Available to groups of two people or more who wish to travel in one vehicle to campus.
    • All carpool members must own a vehicle.
    • Permit cost divided equally among carpool members through monthly payroll deductions or one-time student billing charge.
  • Visitor Permits
    • Available to visitors, faculty, staff, and students.
    • Daily visitor permits are available at Transportation Services.
  • Service Vehicle Permits
    • Available to university authorized persons contracted to complete campus facilities work.
    • Service vehicle permits require authorization from Transportation Services.
    • Service vehicle permits are valid in spaces marked as reserved for service vehicles for a maximum of four hours, and in unreserved spaces in faculty/staff permit lots with no time limit.
    • Daily and monthly service vehicle permits are available at Transportation Services.
    • All vehicles using a service vehicle permit must be registered with Transportation Services.
  • Contractor Parking Permits
    • Available to university authorized contractors working on campus projects.
    • Contractor permits require university project manager authorization.
    • Contractor permits are valid only in unreserved spaces in designated lots specific to permit zones, and are not valid in spaces marked as reserved for service vehicles.
    • Limited monthly contractor permits are available at Transportation Services.
    • All vehicles using a contractor permit must be registered with Transportation Services.
  • Government Agencies
    • Government vehicles with “E” plates may park in any non-reserved space in any student or faculty/staff lot, or at any meter for the duration of that meter (five hours at a five-hour meter, etc.).
    • Government agencies without “E” plate vehicles may apply for a commercial permit at no cost at Transportation Services.
  • Emeriti Parking Permits
    • Emeriti faculty and retired University employees whose years of service and continuing connections with the University make a meaningful contribution.
    • Permit requirements:
      • 5 years of service to the University.
      • Not receiving compensation from the University.
  • Parking Spaces for the Disabled
    • All faculty, staff, students, and visitors who have a DMV Disabled Persons placard and who purchase a University of Oregon parking permit may park in any ADA space on campus.
    • If further accessibility options are needed, the Accessible Education Center or the Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity are available to review individual situation and determine if a different parking accommodation is appropriate.
  • Employee and Departmental Reserved Parking Spaces
    • University employees or departments who pay the established fee.
    • Spaces are reserved 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, unless the applicant demonstrates a need for an "at all times' space during the evening or over the weekend.
    • An additional fee applies with “at all times” reserved spaces.
    • There is a limited number of reserved spaces available. They are approved on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    • Transportation Services reserves the right to relocate or discontinue reserved space accomodations as needed.
  • Overnight Parking Permits
    • A limited number of overnight permits are available to on-campus residents who bring a vehicle to campus and would like to park between midnight and 5 a.m. in designated areas.
    • University of Oregon ID is required at time of purchase.
    • University housing room assignment letter is required at time of purchase or equivalent proof of residence hall residency.
    • Parking is limited to cars and motorcycles that only take up one parking space. Motor homes, recreational vehicles, trailers and boats are not allowed.

IV. Permit Refunds and Replacements

  • Refunds
    • Only permits of at least 3 months in duration are eligible for refunds.
    • Individuals who purchased a permit of at least 3 months in duration may return it to Transportation Services within ten days of purchase for a full refund.
    • After the ten day period, individuals who purchased a permit of at least 3 months in duration can receive a partial refund for any unused month.
  • Replacements
    • Individuals who lose their parking permit may purchase a replacement at Transportation Services. They must sign an affidavit stating the permit was lost and that they will forfeit the original permit if found.
    • Individuals who have their permits stolen must report the theft before receiving a replacement. They must complete an affidavit form stating the permit was stolen, include the case number. If the original is recovered, it must be forfeited to Transportation Services.
    • Permits are only valid for use in vehicles registered with Transportation Services. Vehicles that do not display the proper permit will be cited. The permit holder is responsible for any and all citations issued in connection with his or her permit.

V. Penalties for Parking Offenses

  • Citations issued by the University of Oregon must be paid at the Business Affairs Office or Transportation Services within 10 days of the citation date.
  • Parking citation fines double if unpaid within 30 days of date of issue.
  • Making payment:
    • Checks should be made out to the University of Oregon.
    • Failure to pay a fine or to make a timely appeal may result in billing for faculty and staff members or deductions from student accounts.
    • Vehicles linked to multiple unpaid citations, parked in reserved spaces not connected to that vehicle or parked in tow-away zones may be immobilized or towed and impounded at the owner’s expense.
    • Drivers with a number of repeated violations or with driving and parking behavior that poses a threat to campus safety may be subject to more serious sanctions.
    • The University Traffic Appeals Officer and/or the University Traffic Appeals Board may recommend to the appropriate University officials that disciplinary action be taken against students or employees, that parking or driving privileges be restricted or suspended, or that parking registration be withdrawn.

VI. Parking Citations

Violators of parking rules on campus may be assessed the following fines:

  • Blocking driveways, entrances, alleys; parking in service drives or restricted areas; improper parking or parking in yellow zones $45
  • Counterfeiting, altering, defacing, or for giving false information in an application or hearing, or for misuse of any permit $250
  • Transferring a parking permit to another vehicle for which the permit is not issued $100
  • Use of lost/stolen permit (marked in system as no longer valid) $250
  • No UO permit $40
  • Permit issued, not displayed (warning on first violation) $10
  • Permit issued, not valid for area $35
  • Parking in front of a fire hydrant or in a posted fire lane $75
  • Parking on a lawn, sidewalks, campus landscaped area or any area outside clearly delineated parking spaces where such parking causes actual or potential damage to natural or landscaped features.  This is in addition to cost of damage to property. $45
  • On university property, vehicle towed for other violation $75
  • Over time parking: lot meters, street meters, posted 24-minute zones $20
  • Loading zone $20
  • Posted or reserved space $75
  • Parking in space designated for disabled parking $470
  • Taking the space of two or more vehicles $40
  • Vehicle has been booted for repeated parking violations $50
  • Unauthorized removal or damage to a vehicle immobilizing device $250
  • Animal in unattended vehicle $45

VII. Parking Citation Appeals

  • Individuals who receive parking citations while on University property and who believe that the citation was issued in error or under extenuating circumstances may appeal for reconsideration.
  • Citation appeals must be submitted within ten days of the date of the citation. They may be filed online at or in person at the address below:
    Transportation Services
    University of Oregon
    1401 Walnut Street
    Eugene, Oregon 97403-1230
  • Fines are put on hold while the citation is in the petition or appeal process. Payment of any fine assessed by the Citation Appeals Coordinator or the Citation Appeals Board is due within ten days of the final decision.
  • A petitioner who is dissatisfied with the Citation Appeals Coordinator's response may appeal to the Citation Appeals Board. Such an appeal must be in writing and should allege that the decision of the Citation Petitions Coordinator was unreasonable or arbitrary or was not supported by substantial evidence. The appeal should be submitted to the Citation Appeals Board at the address above within five days of the Citation Appeals Coordinator's decision.
  • The Citation Appeals Board is made up of two faculty members, two non-faculty staff members, and two students. Three members of the Board make a quorum. The chair of the Board is selected at the first meeting every year. A majority vote of the members present is needed to overrule the decision of the Citation Appeals Coordinator.
  • In considering an appeal, the Board may affirm the Citation Appeals Coordinator's decision, dismiss the violation, find the individual not guilty of the charges, find the individual guilty of the violation or some lesser violation and impose an alternative penalty, or find the individual guilty but issue a reprimand or a warning or suspend payment of a penalty.