Transportation Services Fines and Fees 2023-2024

Bicycle Storage Lockers and Cages

Bicycle parking cages $60.00
Bicycle parking lockers $75.00

Parking Fines

Citation fine doubles if unpaid within 30 days of date of issue.

Improper Parking: Blocking vehicles, driveways, entrances, alleys; parking in service drives, restricted areas; or yellow zones $45.00
Counterfeiting/Altering/Defacing/Misuse/Lost/Stolen Permit $250.00
No valid permit for area $45.00
Fire hydrant or in a posted fire lane $100.00
Parking in Area not Designated as Parking Area (lawn, sidewalk, other) $45.00
On university property, vehicle towed for other violation $75.00
Overtime Parking: posted time limits, pay-to-park areas $25.00
Overtime Parking: Loading zone $25.00
Posted or reserved space $75.00
Parking in space designated for disabled parking $470.00
Taking the space of two or more vehicles $45.00
Vehicle has been booted for repeated parking violations $50.00
Unauthorized removal or damage to a vehicle immobilizing device $250.00
Animal in Unattended Vehicle $45.00
Only One Vehicle Permitted per use $45.00

Parking Permits and Fees

Daily Visitor Permit (does not apply to 13th Avenue Garage and Millrace Drive Garage), rates depend on Zone Not to exceed $12
Daily Visitor Overnight (does not apply to 13th Avenue Garage and Millrace Drive Garage) $18.00
Hourly Parking: Garage and Pay-to-Park spaces $2/hour
Motorcycle, daytime $8.00
Motorcycle residential overnight, student $24.00
Request for location change of a reserved parking space $25.00
Zone A, monthly permit $125.00
Zone B, monthly permit $55.00
Zone C, monthly permit $27.00
Reserved space 7:00am - 6:00pm $215.00
Reserved Space At All Times $235.00
Residential overnight $115.00
Event reserved parking (UO) (cost per space / per day) $35.00
Event reserved parking (non - UO entity) (cost per space / per day) $50.00
Daytime summer event permit, valid during event dates, up to a 30-day period $54.00
Daytime and overnight summer event permit, valid 24 hours a day during event dates, up to 30-day period $80.00
Construction lay-down use of parking space (per space/day) for authorized UO construction projects, non-vehicular parking needs $7.00
Visitor monthly permit $135.00
Service Vehicle (non-UO owned), monthly permit $100.00
Service Vehicle (non-UO owned), daily permit $12.00

Transportation Services Fines and Fees are set as part of the university Tuition and Fees process. More information can be found on the Budget and Resource Planning website.