Vendors & Contractors

 Service Vehicle Permits:

Service vehicle permits are available for authorized vendors and companies servicing University of Oregon facilities. These permits allow up to 4-hours of parking in marked University of Oregon service vehicle spaces, as well as parking in permit spaces in commuter zone B & C lots. Vendors and companies must work with a University of Oregon facilities or building manager, or contact Campus Planning and Facilities Management (CPFM) at 541-346-2319 or to obtain a service vehicle permit. 

One-Day Permit: $12

Monthly Permit Rate: $100/mo

Visitor Permits:

One-day and 30-day visitor permits are available to contractors and companies working on University of Oregon projects. These permits allow parking in designated University of Oregon parking lots. A limited number of visitor permits are available for purchase through the University of Oregon parking portal. Visitor permits are active the day of purchase.

One-Day Permit: $5/B Zone or $10/A Zone

Monthly Permit Rate: $30/mo or $75/mo, dependent on lot

Loading Zone Parking

Vendors and companies who provide short-term business on campus such as pickup and delivery of food and goods may park in loading docks and loading zones. UO parking permits or hourly payment for parking is not required at loading docks or loading zones. Vehicles may park no longer than thirty minutes or as otherwise posted, whichever is less.