Transportation Options

Whether you are a seasoned bike commuter or a brand new student who is car-free, Transportation Services is here to get you to, from, and around campus. We have a wealth of information on:

Bike Registration – Bike registration is required for all faculty, staff and, students. Along with a good u-lock and proper locking technique, it is also the best way to keep your bike safe.

Secure Bike Parking – Want extra piece of mind for your beloved ride, as well as place out of the rain? Bicycle Cages and Lockers are available for rent.

Bike Share – PeaceHealth Rides has bikes available when you need one for short, point-to-point trips. Special discounts are available to UO students, faculty, and staff.

UO Bike Program – Part of the Outdoor Program in the EMU, the bike program offers a wide variety of resources, from fix-it classes to biking trips.

Riding The Bus – Your UO ID card is a bus pass and you can use it on almost all LTD routes.

Walking, Biking, and taking the bus are great ways to get around, and they are healthy too. Sometimes, though, you need a car.

Carpool Program - Convenient cost sharing and ride matching.

Car Share - Hourly and daily car rental options. UO students as young as 18 are eligible.

Ride Hail - UBER and Lyft are now available in Eugene. Learn about campus rules for ride-hailing companies.


Have more questions? Contact our Active Transportation Coordinator:

Josh Kashinsky