Permit sales for winter term 2024 will begin with a renewal period on November 20th. More information on the permit renewal process is available on the permit purchase page. Open sales for new permit holders begins December 4th at 10:00 AM.

Commuter Parking

Commuter parking is available to employees, students, and campus associates. Parking lots are divided into 10 different zones by location and offered at three different price points. Permits can be purchased for an Academic Term, 30 Day, or Single Day duration. Permit holders may park in any unmarked space within their zone as well as unmarked spaces in lower-priced zones. 


Eligibility is determined by your affiliation in Banner. Those with active student or paid employee affiliations in Banner will have access to Academic Term and 30 Day permits. Students living in residence halls will have access to the appropriate Resident permit. Day permits are available to those with an active affiliation as well as visitors to the University of Oregon.


Permit costs vary based on which zone your permit is valid in. Permit prices are shown for each zone below as well as on the parking portal. After the start date, Academic Term permits are pro-rated based on the published schedule. Payment can be made by credit card and either payroll deduction or student billing, depending on university affiliation. Additional payment information is at the bottom of the page.


Term permits are available for purchase up to five weeks before the permit begins, with the first two weeks reserved for existing term permit holders to renew their permit. Visit the permit purchase page to learn more. 30 Day and Single Day permits are available on a rolling basis. Sales of all permit types are limited based on available capacity in a zone.

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Permit Duration

Academic Term Permit

Summer 2023
June 26, 2023 - September 17, 2023

Fall 2023
September 18, 2023 - December 24, 2023

Winter 2024
December 25, 2023 - March 24, 2024

30 Day Permit

Valid from date of purchase to 30 days after

Single Day Permit

Valid for date of purchase only

A Zones

There are four A Zones on campus. These zones are best for those who need access to the center of campus or who would like a very high likelihood at finding a space at any time of day. Permits in A Zones are sold on a 1:1 basis with available spaces. A Zone permits may also park in B and C Zones, but may not park in other A Zones. Selecting a zone image below will open a pdf that shows parking locations available to that permit.

Term Permit 30 Day Permit Day Permit


$125 (Starting August 18)



Zone A North

Zone A Mid

Zone A Central

Zone A SUP


There are four B Zones around campus, proximate to classrooms, labs, and offices. These zones are managed so that permit holders have a reasonable likelihood of finding parking at most times of the day. These lots may be full at peak times. B zone permits may also park in C zones, but may not park in other B Zones.

Term Permit 30 Day Permit Day Permit

$55 (Starting August 18)



Zone B South

Zone B West

Zone B North

Zone B East

13th Ave Garage

The 13th Ave Garage is priced like other B Zones, but operates a bit differently as permit holders may be asked to leave the garage early on Matthew Knight Arena event days. 13th Ave Garage permit holders may also park in the B East zone and C Zone lots. More information on using the garage is available below.

Term Permit 30 Day Permit Day Permit

$55 (Starting August 18)




C Zone

There is a single zone for all C lots, which are located on the periphery of campus. C Zone provides the most affordable parking option for Term and 30-day permits. The almost 700 space Millrace Garage is located in C zone. More information on using the garage is available below. A Zone, B Zone, and C Zone Day permits may park in any C lot except the Millrace garage.

Term Permit 30 Day Permit Day Permit
(Not valid in Garage)

$27 (Starting August 18)



How to use permit in University garages:

  • Purchase an Academic Term or 30 Day permit in a A, B, C or 13th Ave Garage zone.
  • Register all vehicle license plates for license plate entry into garage
  • Register mobile phone number 
  • Download ParkWhiz app and verify your license plates are registered

There are two ways to enter the garage:

  1. The garage uses a camera to verify your license plate and raises the gate arm
  2. Scan ParkWhiz App’s QR code or choose SLIDE TO OPEN GATE via Bluetooth 

Additional tips:

  • Wait at the green kiosk until the gate arm opens then drive forward
  • Customer service assistance available by pushing the HELP button on the kiosk

Payment Options

Payroll Deduction

Payroll deduction is a payment option that is available to most employees at UO. Student employees, GEs, and Temporary employees are not eligible for payroll deduction. Payroll deduction is only an option for Term permits.

If an employee opts to pay for a term permit through payroll deduction:
Only term permits purchased in the first three weeks of permit sales are eligible for a payroll deduction.
Payroll deduction will occur over three months:

  • Fall Term Permit: September, October, November
  • Winter Term Permit: December, January, February
  • Spring Term Permit: March, April, May
  • Summer Term Permit: June, July, August

Payroll deduction will only be an option for permits purchased during the first three weeks of permit sales.

Student Billing

Student billing is a payment option available to students and GEs for term permits. The full cost of the permit will be placed on the student's university billing account. Only permits purchased during the first three weeks of permit sales are eligible for student billing. 

Saving Credit Card Information

When purchasing a permit through our online portal using a credit card, you will be given the option of saving the credit card for future purchases. This option will make it easier and faster for you to complete the checkout process and will be especially attractive for Day or Monthly permit purchases. 

Permit Purchase Tutorial